5 Burning Questions for Summer

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School’s out for sum-mer! School’s out for-

Well, not really. There’s still classes and stuff for the Nebraska football team. But the pigskin version of school turns into an independent study until August.

So pardon us a moment of Alice Cooper. Even if, we’re sure, Husker football players will be carrying around pencils and playbooks every day, all the time, until fall.

Here’s five questions to ponder over pool and park season in Nebraska. Maybe, if we remember, we’ll bother to revisit these after we’ve seen “Inception” a couple times (look it up.)

When does Zac Lee return to throwing full-time, and how well does he throw? Two questions for the price of one! We presume the answers are “next month” and “just fine.” Then again, it’s elbow surgery. It’s a serious enough to await the final results.

Whither attrition? Players leave. It’s part of the college football business. But that number may be small, given an exciting 2010 to come. Don’t expect Bo Pelini to kick anybody out of the door. He may not exactly bar the door, either, for a few players buried on the depth chart.

How hotta the blotter? It’ll be a summer of expectant electricity in Lincoln regarding the Husker football team; players could make their rounds about town like once and future mini-kings. Bo would prefer – and I suspect he’ll get – a quieter profile from them.

Does Nebraska keep the recruiting momentum? Last summer, NU hit the recruiting doldrums in June and July. The Huskers have retooled a bit in the recruiting office, and the next three months could bring 3-5 verbal commitments. Watch the defensive side of the ball.

Who’s the workout warrior? No way to know that, of course, until players reconvene in August. But some player – maybe several of them – will take James Dobson’s teachings to the next level, and return to fall camp like the next coming of Phillip Dillard.

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