50 Husker Fans, 50 States: South Carolina

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We're back with another edition of our lovely series, "50 Husker Fans, 50 States" where you, the fan, tells your story of Big Red Passion!

Today, we go to Rock Hill, South Carolina, deep into the den of the ACC and the SEC to talk to schuskerfan. Enjoy his unique insight!

And remember: If you want to be a part of this series…you can! Just email us at sam@ne.statepaper.com. We’ve got quite few stories to tell yet, but we want yours, too!

Q: Tell us a little of your personal history as a Husker fan. Were you born into the Big Red Nation? Did you attend school there? Just decided to follow the program from afar? Did you grow up in Nebraska? How did you get to living where you are today?

A: I live in Rock Hill, South Carolina right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.I was born in West Central Nebraska to a Husker fanatic of a dad. My mom remarried a man from South Carolina and I moved here the first time in sixth grade. I went back(home)for two months every summer and at Christmas. After I moved my dad would send me huge envelopes of clippings from the Omaha World Herald mainly.

How hard, or easy, is it to follow the Huskers from where you live? Do you watch the games at home? Listen on the radio? Use the internet? Is there a “watch site” in town you like to frequent? Also: How many Husker fans are there in your area?

With the advent of the internet it is much easier keeping up with the Huskers. I watch the games when I can at home. When the Huskers are on PPV I watch them at Picassos in Charlotte, NC it is a great Husker watch site. If they aren't on TV I listen on the Internet. There are more Husker fans here than you would think. It always make my day when I run into a fellow Husker.

How often do you get back for games? What’s the last game you’ve been to? How has the Husker experience changed over the years? Will Nebraska be playing a game in your area any time soon?

Since my dad passed away I don’t make it back as often for games. The last home games I attended were the 2007 Iowa State and Ball State games. I also attended the Virginia Tech game this year and the Gator Bowl. I also went to the 2007 Wake game in Winston Salem. Although 2007 was not a good year for the Huskers I got to see three of their wins that year.

What’s the predominant college or pro team in your area? How is that fan base similar or different to Nebraska’s fan base? Hear a lot of trash talk about the Big 12, or anything like that? Give us an example of how Nebraska fans might be the same or different from some of the fans in your area.

The predominant teams in my area are the real USC(Gamecocks) and the Clemson Tigers. Both sets of fans follow their teams pretty well but there truly is no place like Nebraska. I caught a lot of junk from Clemson fans all through junior high and high school. After the Gator Bowl it is so quiet I never hear anything from Tiger fans and I love it.A s football fans go Clemson and USC are pretty passionate however they cant compare to the Huskers. Carolina Panthers fans have to be the most fair weather fans I have seen.

What’s one or two unique things about where you live? What makes it stand apart from other places?

Rock Hill is about 3 hours from the beach and mountains so vacation wise it is a pretty cool location. Rock Hill is a really good sports town the area high schools have been nationally ranked in football many times. One local team is ranked number one nationally in soccer right now.

Give us one or two of your favorite Husker memories. They can be from any time period.

The 1978 Oklahoma game I was nine and was on the field when they were ripping down the goalposts. I was at the 1994 National championship game my wife’s first game as a Husker wife. The 2007 Wake game was my son’s first game in person. I cant wait till I can take him to a game in Lincoln.

Besides Husker football, what other Husker sports do you like to follow? How do you follow them?

I love wrestling, baseball and volleyball but I follow all of them. Congrats to the girls BB team on a great year!

Feel free to add anything you like.

I will always be a Nebraskan and a Husker. People always say if you love Nebraska so much why don’t you move back well its not that easy my job is here, my four kids are here and my grandbaby is here if not for that I would be back in a second.

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