50 Husker Fans, 50 States: Wyoming

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We’re back with another entry in our 50 Husker Fans, 50 States series with Larry Malcom from Cheyenne, Wyoming. You better believe he’ll be in Laramie when the Huskers visit in 2011. He shares his passion – and a little marriage advice – as a lifelong Husker fan. Enjoy!

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Q: Tell us a little of your personal history as a Husker fan. Were you born into the Big Red Nation? Did you attend school there? Just decided to follow the program from afar? Did you grow up in Nebraska? How did you get to living where you are today?

A: For me unfortunately born in Colorado, and then moved to Nebraska as a youngster. I was raised in North Platte from the age of seven. Unable to play football because of my size back then 5 feet tall and 98 pounds when I graduated. I went straight into the Army after graduation and then moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1989.

How hard, or easy, is it to follow the Huskers from where you live? Do you watch the games at home? Listen on the radio? Use the internet? Is there a “watch site” in town you like to frequent? Also: How many Husker fans are there in your area?

Following the Huskers is pretty easy now, the radio comes in pretty well in Wyoming, and with most of the Pay-Per-View networks you can get the games on TV at our local Pub and Grub called Jackson’s, which is always packed with Husker fans come game day.

How often do you get back for games? What’s the last game you’ve been to? How has the Husker experience changed over the years? Will Nebraska be playing a game in your area any time soon?

Well getting to games isn’t too bad with Boulder close, and every other year we take a road trip to support the Huskers over Thanksgiving. It has been a few years since we have been able to make it back to a home game, but are looking forward to the upcoming scheduled games against Wyoming. It is a definite that we will be supporting the Huskers and joining the Sea of Red in Nebraska and Wyoming. I really can’t wait for my son to experience this, born in Wyoming but Nebraska blood runs through him.

What’s the predominant college or pro team in your area? How is that fan base similar or different to Nebraska’s fan base? Hear a lot of trash talk about the Big 12, or anything like that? Give us an example of how Nebraska fans might be the same or different from some of the fans in your area.

Fan base for the college football is the Wyoming Cowboys and they have a pretty good following from all areas of the State, because it is the only so-called major sport team in Wyoming. The professional teams are the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Rockies and Denver Nuggets. However, I do have to say that there are several Husker fans in the State of Wyoming starting with me.

What’s one or two unique things about where you live? What makes it stand apart from other places?

When they say that Chicago is the “Windy City” they have not been to Cheyenne, Wyoming, wow does the wind blow here. We’re close to the Rocky Mountains, hunting and outdoor entertainment is a great way to spend your extra time. Also, you can’t forget the last full week of July as the city welcomes thousands of rodeo go getters to celebrate Cheyenne Frontier Days the largest outdoor rodeo in the U.S.

Give us one or two of your favorite Husker memories. They can be from any time period.

One of the most memorable experiences I had was with my wife in 1995 we went to the Iowa State game 73-14, then we went in to the Nebraska Book Store and got to meet Johnny Rodgers, Mike Rozier, and Bob Devaney. What an awesome weekend and great experience. Also, I’ll never forget the roller coaster ride after spotting Colorado 14 points and having Alex Henery kick a 57 yarder and Suh intercepted for the TD in the 2008 game, wow (thank gosh they won, it would have been a terrible ride home from Kansas that night for my family)!

Besides Husker football, what other Husker sports do you like to follow? How do you follow them?

With our kids being very involved in baseball and volleyball we follow the Huskers in both of these sports. We travel to Boulder to watch the Husker girls play volleyball; it was so awesome to watch them dominate the game this past season.

Feel free to add anything you like.

Over the last 30 years I’ve experienced many ups and downs, mostly ups though. Being a Husker fan and watching a team like Nebraska with my family is the best part of it all. Nothing will ever change how I feel about the team and the state. My wife always tells everyone when you marry a Husker man you learn to love the Huskers or get a divorce, because there is just no other way to live with him during the football season. I am a committed fan, my WY license plate reads 2-HSKR and I have a tattoo on my back and chest that I designed myself:

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