Are You Ready for Some (More) Husker Football?

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Because, rest assured, now that it appears clear that the United Football League will expand to Omaha, you're about to see "Husker Football, The Post-College Years."

The UFL has a "major announcement" set for Thursday at 9:30 a.m. inside the Qwest Center. Mayor Jim Suttle will be there, as will UFL Commish Michael Huyghue and MECA Chairman Roger Dixon. You can expect that announcement to be the formation of an UFL team in Omaha for a six-game season, potentially this fall, although 2011 is also likely.

Teams were originally located in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Orlando. The NY franchise moved to Hartford, while Sacramento took over for San Francisco. Omaha should be one of the two new teams, and may play in the new TDAmeritrade Park.

All of the UFL games, played in the fall, were broadcast on Versus. The season is purposefully short to allow players to "graduate" to any NFL teams looking for help after the usual rash of injuries.

It's really no secret that plenty of former NU players are milling around a five-state area who would seriously consider trying out. And, from this point forward, if and when Husker players can't land on a NFL roster, an automatic default option – far surpassing the indoor Omaha Beef in compensation and visibility – now exists.

Which former Huskers would you like to see? Post your answers in the comment area below.

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