Audible Audibles Feat. B/R’s Big Ten Lead Writer Adam Jacobi

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Audible Audibles Feat. B/R’s Big Ten Lead Writer Adam Jacobi

Husker Locker’s Brandon Cavanaugh sits down with some of the best and brightest minds in college football as new guests come in left and right to be part of Audible Audibles.

This week, Bleacher Report’s Big Ten Lead Writer Adam Jacobi returns to talk about what’s going on across the Big Ten and what he took away from the Huskers’ spring ball.

Topics include:

– Notable topics from spring practices/game around the Big Ten
– Where does Taylor Martinez rank on the passing efficiency charts for returning Big Ten QBs?
– How Urban Meyer lets his kickers know he hates them
– Jacobi’s take on Nebraska’s choice to not have a 15th practice
– How the Nebraska athletic department handled the “refund” aspect
– Opening a fall practice for fans
– Projecting three Big Ten teams that will provide the stiffest and easiest tests as of today
– Whether or not Wisconsin appears to be a winnable game at this point for Nebraska

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