Bo: I'm Getting Calmer with Media, Zebras

By at October 20, 2009 | 2:17 PM | Print

For a brief moment during Tuesday's press conference, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini paused, almost contemplating the vexing nature of the various penalties NU has suffered in a 31-10 loss to Texas Tech.

“Sorry,” Pelini joked. “I kinda drifted off there.”

Then Pelini said, even despite his lengthy, televised tirade against the referees in the fourth quarter of the Tech loss, “I've been probably the calmest I've ever been this year.”

“There's some penalties you can control,” Pelini said. “There's some that you can't. There's some that are judgment calls. And there's some that are pretty cut and dry. I think it's pretty obvious the ones that hurt us the other day. There were some of them, I mean, what are you going to do?”

Pelini said he continued to work on his sideline demeanor, mindful of the image he portrays on television. Saturday was example of the head coach only being able “to stand so much.”

“I've got to work on being too animated,” said Pelini, who pointed, shook his finger in an official's face and generally went through the wide range of facial expressions. “Not trying to be, but that's the area I've got to work on.”

He briefly touched on his post-game press conference performance, in which he appeared to be yelling at some reporters, and telling the media “get over” its fixation on the Blackshirts.

“I'm never disrespectful,” Pelini said. “I've been pretty direct. I'm a very direct person. I'm pretty black and white. I understand people have a job to do, and you guys have a job to do. I'm very direct, I'm very to the point. That's who I am.”

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