Bring College GameDay to Lincoln!

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Bring College GameDay to Lincoln!

ESPN’s College GameDay is letting fans vote on where they’ll be filming a commercial this year.

As they’re well aware, Husker Nation is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to online voting, so let’s bring the gang to Lincoln!

Head over to to vote, share the link and be sure to vote every day from both your computer and smartphone.

An example of The (Online) Power of Red:


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  • Rmahapat

    NC state hacked the site and added 100,000 votes in a matter of minutes. we cant win if this is allowed to happen

  • Brandon Cavanaugh

    Actually, it looks like they and Texas A&M have set up bots. One of two things will happen: It’ll be allowed and Nebraska will do it, too or necessary filters can be put in place.