Coveted California Cornerback Keeping His Options Open

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Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Kevon Seymour is considered one of the best prospects at his position. You need only look at his list of suitors to see why. Most of the Pac-12 conference has offered along with Florida and Nebraska.

Given how salty the Cornhusker secondaries have been over the past few seasons, an offer to contend for a black practice jersey at Nebraska speaks volumes about a player’s perceived ability.

Henry Bell, co-founder of B2GSports and defensive backs coach for its camps, was impressed with Seymour from day one. “I saw his highlight tape and two minutes into a six minute tape, I called a friend and said ‘you gotta get this kid on Team B2G right away.’”

Bell knows a thing or two about playing the position. A two-year starter for Purdue, Bell went up against eventual Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees in practice and helped the Boilermakers beat a scrappy Kansas State squad in the 1998 Alamo Bowl.

It wasn’t just Seymour’s athleticism that impressed Bell. He had a conversation early on with Seymour regarding working to improve his skills through B2GSports’ programs. “His maturity level was higher than most kids you see on a daily basis. He’s handled everything the same way an adult would handle it. He didn’t avoid anything and was right on point,” said Bell.

Coach Bell’s assessment of the young defender’s mentality couldn’t be more accurate. Straight and to the point, Seymour stated that his personal goal for the upcoming year is to be a nationally-recognized All-American.

He points to his measurables and physicality as his strengths. He also notes that reading the eyes of the opposing quarterback from the snap is an area of his game that needs to be shored up.

Evaluating Seymour, Coach Bell wouldn’t disagree that he is an athlete who will scrap with a receiver and do so with a purpose. “A lot of kids are big, strong and fast, but it comes down to football IQ. He came in with a nice foundation from high school. He’s a specimen of a kid. I don’t see too many cornerbacks as good as Kevon. I think he’s arguably one of the top defensive backs in California,” Bell commented.

When asked whose athletic style he would compare Seymour’s to, Bell mentioned Oregon defensive back Cliff Harris. “He’s an elite cover guy. He’ll come up and smack you. He definitely has that edge.”

Seymour mentioned that coaches from Nebraska have been by to visit his school and that he feels that Lincoln could be a good place, but hasn’t made mention of any plans to visit the Cornhusker State just yet.

He was firm in stating that he’s not determined to stay on the west coast nor was the highly coveted offer from Southern California that he received last month the effective end of his recruitment. At this point, it seems that he’ll be taking his official visits and make his decision closer to Signing Day.

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