Depth Chart (Offense): Fans’ Choice

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Depth Chart (Offense): Fans’ Choice

While Nebraska’s coaches will be busy breaking down film of this spring’s practices, depth charts will likely be predicted for the Big Red both locally and nationally.

We at Husker Locker decided to put the fate of the depth chart in your hands. Simply make your selections below for today’s offensive picks. The player with the most picks will be assigned the starting spot, second most will be No. 2 and so on.

We’ll follow up with the defense tomorrow and display your Fans’ Choice Depth Chart on Saturday.

Please note that you do have an option to select more than one candidate on some polls and can nominate players in others using the comment section. All polls will end at 11:59 PM CDT. Make your voice heard, Husker Nation!

Thanks for participating! The offensive depth chart will be displayed Saturday!

Make your voice heard by selecting the defensive depth chart.

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