FAN THURSDAY: 15 Memorable "Sellout" Moments

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By now, most Husker fans know the sellout streak began Nov. 3, 1962 in a 16-7 loss to Missouri on Homecoming, and hit 300 on Sept. 26 vs. Lousiana-Lafayette. Here’s ten moments in between worth remembering:

Nov. 17, 1962: Nebraska’s first win in the sellout streak was actually the second game, a nondescript 14-0 victory over Oklahoma State.

Nov. 23, 1963: The day after John F. Kennedy was assassinated was the same day, Bob Devaney said at the time, he had the greatest victory of his coaching career: A 29-20 win that sent NU to the Orange Bowl. Bowl officials needed a Big 12 champion, and Nov. 23 was officially the last weekend of the season. So NU-OU went on, despite the objections of some. The Huskers staked a 29-7 lead and held on for victory. Coincidentally, it was Nebraska’s first win over a ranked opponent during the sellout streak, as well.

Nov. 9, 1968: A loss that would live in more infamy, really, than any loss until the 2007 season. NU lost to woeful Kansas State on Homecoming, 12-0, in limping home to a 6-4 record that had some Husker fans ready to fire Devaney.

Sept. 8, 1973: Tom Osborne’s first career win as a head coach, a 40-13 triumph over UCLA.

Sept. 17, 1977: Just one week after getting stunned by Washington State at home, NU pulled off a major upset on national television, beating No. 4 Alabama 31-24. A close, well-played game, the Huskers needed every one of Rick Berns’ 128 rushing yards to win.

Nov. 11, 1978: The game Osborne absolutely had to have, a 17-14 win over top-ranked Oklahoma. Osborne often points back to that game as the turning point in his tenure at Nebraska, and he needed six lost OU fumbles to get it. That’s how good, that year, the Sooners were.

No. 26, 1982: The first time play was simply stopped on the field after NU’s Scott Strasburger made a late interception of an OU pass, and overjoyed fans just began to rush the field. Oranges pelted the field. Osborne made a plea on the public address speaker for fans to get off the field.

Nov. 21, 1987: The Game of the Century II, dominated by No. 2 Oklahoma, which beat No. 1 Nebraska handily, 17-7.

Oct. 15 1988: Nebraska scores 42 points in the first quarter of its game vs. Oklahoma State, then watches the Cowboys, with Barry Sanders, control the rest of the game, with a final score of 63-42 in favor of the Huskers. Sanders may be the single greatest opposing player ever to compete in Memorial Stadium. He rushed for 189 yards that day.

Oct. 31, 1992: Often believed to be the craziest night during a sellout streak, a 52-7 blowout win over Colorado, with whom Nebraska was tied for 8th in the national polls, on Halloween, in the pouring rain. CU threw an interception on its first drive and never really had much of a chance. After winning three of the previous six games in the series, the Buffaloes didn’t beat NU again until 2001.

Oct. 29, 1994: No. 3 Nebraska beats No. 2 Colorado 24-7 in as fine a coaching performance as Osborne has ever given. His offense is deadly efficient when it needs to be, and the defense harasses CU quarterback Kordell Stewart for an entire game.

Nov. 4, 1995: The return of Lawrence Phillips after a six-game suspension for beating up his girlfriend. Phillips entered the game in the second quarter to a smattering of boos.

Oct. 31, 1998: The first home loss in seven years, a 20-16 setback to Texas. Ricky Williams plays well, but it’s a redshirt freshman by the name of Major Applewhite who truly saves the Longhorns’ hide.

Sept. 20, 2001: The first college football game after 9/11, as firefighters and police officers are honored during the Tunnel Walk instead of players. Never has the Memorial Stadium crowd been moved or choked up. Ditto for the reporters in the press box.

Oct. 27, 2001: Thunder-to-Stuntz-to-Crouch for a 20-10 win over Oklahoma the most memorable win of the Frank Solich era.

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