Fans’ Choice: Depth Chart

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Fans’ Choice: Depth Chart

We asked the fans who they thought should be part of the post-spring depth chart. Today, we unveil the results. The offense take a potential five-wide set into account and the defense is a 4-3 base.


1. Taylor Martinez
2. Tommy Armstrong

Running Back:

1. Rex Burkhead
2. Ameer Abdullah
3. Aaron Green

Wide Receiver:

1. Kenny Bell
2. Quincy Enunwa
3. Jamal Turner
4. Tim Marlowe
5. Jordan Westerkamp

Tight End:

1. Kyler Reed
2. Ben Cotton


1. Cole Pensick
2. Mark Pelini

Offensive Guard:

1. Spencer Long
2. Seung Hoon Choi
3. Andrew Rodriguez
4. Brandon Thompson

Offensive Tackle:

1. Jeremiah Sirles
2. Tyler Moore
3. Andrew Rodriguez
4. Brent Qvale

Defensive End:

1. Cameron Meredith
2. Eric Martin
3. Jason Ankrah
4. Joe Carter

Defensive Tackle:

1. Baker Steinkuhler
2. Chase Rome
3. Thad Randle
4. Todd Peat, Jr.


1. Will Compton
2. Sean Fisher
3. Zaire Anderson
4. Alonzo Whaley
5. David Santos
6. Michael Rose


1. Mohammed Seisay
2. Andrew Green
3. Ciante Evans
4. Stanley Jean-Baptiste


1. Daimion Stafford
2. PJ Smith
3. Courtney Osborne
4. Corey Cooper


1. Brett Maher
2. Mauro Bondi

Thanks to all who participated. Feel free to make any of your own adjustments in the comments section.

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  • Derek Johnson

    First, it just shows how optimistic fans are by putting Tommy Armstrong as backup QB. Also surprising how Andrew Rodriguez isn’t a started. The defense is peculiar: lots of experience for three or four years, but few real impact players.

  • n.f

    wheres Afalava? seen his high school tapes, looks pretty legit and def a hard hitting player.

  • Brandon Cavanaugh

    He had five votes. Not enough to crack the two deep.

  • SinginRabbit

    I’m quite shocked that people voted for Martinez to start at quarterback. He would be my choice, but with the way people bash him all the time, I figured he’d be a third stringer.

    Gives me a little more confidence in our fan base.

    • Brandon Cavanaugh

      Simply because he has his play constantly critiqued, and there’s plenty to critique, doesn’t mean he’s not the best option. Make of that what you will.