Feeling Lucky, No one on First and The Seventh Inning Stretch

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Feeling Lucky, No one on First and The Seventh Inning Stretch

Every week, the Husker Locker staff sits down after being presented a number of questions addressing various aspects of Nebraska Cornhuskers sports. With no prior knowledge of the other panelists’ answers, here are their thoughts:

This week:

– A Husker’s take on a national question: If you had the choice, Andrew Luck or RG3?

Brian: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t really think Andrew Luck is a great quarterback.

Good, of course. Really good, even. Number one pick to replace Peyton Manning? Not quite.

RG3 isn’t a polished athlete (scary, no?), but he can make plays that turn losses into wins. His downfield passing went from okay to flat-out sick last fall, and he’s torched offenses that planned for him.

Having said that, I’d take Luck. He’s the better “plug and play” guy, as NFL types like to say (that made me vomit). Once Robert learns an offense, he’ll be a much bigger threat to defenses.

James: RG3. I just like his running ability. I know that Andrew Luck can make all the throws, but guys like Cam Newton are showing that the NFL could be a place where a quarterback with some legs and an arm can do damage.

I think RG3 has bigger potential upside in the long run, but then again, I’m generally more of a “value-passing-quarterback-in-the-late-rounds” kind of guy.

Chris: I’m still taking Luck.

I think RG3 could have a good career, but without the size of Cam Newton, I don’t know if he’ll hold up any better than Vick did/does.

Luck isn’t as sexy of a pick, but he has all of the traits that the current crop of top NFL quarterbacks does – a very accurate arm, good decision-making skills and he’s surprisingly athletic. Like Aaron Rogers, he can move outside the pocket well, too.

 Even if Andrew Luck ends up being as good as the hype, he’s a tough quarterback, but he won’t be able to shake NFL defenders like he did in the Pac-12.

Guys like Cam Newton, RG3 and to a lesser extent Russell Wilson are a breed of athlete that we’re starting to see more of at the professional level.

Carolina was psyched about Newton, Washington’s going apey over RG3 and while Indy’s happy to have Luck, they seem content, not ecstatic. Give me the guy who led Baylor to a great season and won the Heisman.

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