Feeling Lucky, No one on First and The Seventh Inning Stretch

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Feeling Lucky, No one on First and The Seventh Inning Stretch

- Are you surprised no Huskers were taken in the first round of the NFL Draft?

Brian: Not really. After pick 15 or so, it’s all about best fit and your needs. Unfortunately, neither Lavonte or Jared fell under those categories for the teams on the board.

James: No. Lavonte David is close to first round, but he wasn’t expected to go based on the linebacker list and various teams’ needs at the position. Not a big deal, though. I think Tampa Bay will be very happy.

Chris: Not really surprised given that all three of the big names (David, Crick and Dennard) had various issues about them.

David was a steal in the second round. Crick will be a solid pro, but just didn’t have the senior year to justify a first round pick despite the preseason hype. Injuries hurt him badly, too.

As for Dennard, there are a lot of good corners in this draft and with his recent arrest, any team that was thinking about taking a chance on him late in the first round had good reason to stand pat knowing they could get him later in the draft.

Brandon: Not really. David was behind the eight ball due to his size and I thought he might sneak in, but I’m not shocked he stuck around until the second. Tampa Bay got a steal and a half.

Crick’s injury essentially wiped the possibility out as a strong senior season was needed for him to solidify his first round slot. Alfonzo…yeah, that wasn’t gonna happen after the assault.


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