Feeling Lucky, No one on First and The Seventh Inning Stretch

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Feeling Lucky, No one on First and The Seventh Inning Stretch

– If you could select any of the top three Huskers in this year’s Draft for your nameless NFL franchise (Crick, David, Dennard), who would you choose?

Lavonte. Clear head, fast, football-savvy and has a nose to make the play. I asked CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco about Lavonte and his future in the league. His response was “There is no reason he shouldn’t be a future Hall of Famer.” If a guy like Pete says that, you can bank on it. He’s seen some talent come and go.

James: Definitely David. He’s a complete linebacker. Not dominant, but very solid with a bright future ahead of him. Crick’s injury and Dennard’s recent bad judgement put David firmly at the head of the pack.

Chris: This is an easy answer – Lavonte David.

He does not have ideal size, but will be a very a solid starter in the NFL. He has great quickness and instincts, and is already a top-level tackler. He rarely lets a player get by him, always sticking and driving through.

If David ends up in the right system, he could be a Pro Bowl (do we even say this anymore now that the game is done?) player.

Crick and Dennard will struggle to find playing time, although Dennard has the sort of attitude and ball skills to make me think he’ll be a starter somewhere.

Brandon: I’m a sucker for speed and a good motor. That’s Lavonte David. While he may not be my main guy on the outside, he’d start as a special teams warrior and I’m sure special packages could be drawn up for him as a hybrid while he gets his NFL legs.

He’s looked good in coverage when forced to stay there, and I know this guy’s out to do some damage.

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