Harvey Perlman’s Plus-One Waterloo

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Harvey Perlman’s Plus-One Waterloo

Poor Harvey Perlman.

It looks like his third choice for a college football postseason took first place overall and is locked in for least 12 years. On Tuesday evening, 12 school presidents gave the final stamp of approval on the “new” FBS playoff system that will be put into effect starting in 2014. Let’s have a look at what we know about college football’s future postseason:

- Four teams, three games.

- The playoff starts New Years Eve/Day and the title game will be played on the first Monday thereafter.

- Some BCS bowls will be involved (Rose, Orange), some BCS bowls will be put up for bid (Sugar, Fiesta) and others will be welcomed into the family (Cotton).

While that’s all fine and dandy, there are still some small yet necessary details to iron out:

- How the four seeded teams will be chosen

- How to treat traditional non-AQ conferences/teams (See: Boise State)

- Most importantly, how to spread the wealth

As Adam Kramer of Bleacher Report points out, there were some major winners and losers because of the final decision. While I think he missed some winners (alcohol distributors, Buffalo Wild Wings and travel agencies), his first listed “loser” is a familiar one to those in Lincoln.

Nebraska president Harvey Perlman.

The man that “serves Tom Osborne” was the last gleaming hope of either nothing happening with the current BCS system or moving to a “Plus-One” scenario. What makes this even worse was that everyone on board with Perlman eventually abandoned ship.

Did he have the best interests of the Big Ten Conference in mind?

No way.

If that was the case, others wouldn’t have finally embraced the idea of true change. People like, oh, you know…Jim Delany. Andy Staples recently wrote a piece that featured Delany saying, “We’ve got a great regular season. I think it’ll be more exciting than it has been. It’s hard to believe that, but I don’t think it hurts that one bit.”

When I think of how Perlman went down with the Plus-One Titanic as she broke off into the cold artic Atlantic of unpopular opinion, I wondered why he didn’t agree with the other higher-ups in the madcap world of college football.

They did what we didn’t think was possible: they finally listened to the fans. The ones who buy tickets, t-shirts, ESPN Gameplan packages and bowl tickets. After all the talking about who should be heard, the most logical choice was made.

I’m as shocked as you are.

Back to Harvey for a moment, there have been good times for him in the last few years (the B1G move, which he had just as much to do with as Tom Osborne), but he’s been suffering a recent dry spell.

The Ron Brown situation isn’t improving and this recent blow to his public image doesn’t help. Perlman will bounce back as that’s what he’s paid to do. How to do that is simple: take the time to embrace what happened.

Realize that fans got what they wanted and run with it. When the masses speak out in favor of something, it’s usually a good idea to strongly consider what they’re asking for and why they’re demanding it.

The common fan that watches from August to January and then some was handsomely rewarded. Less meaningless BCS games and what ifs. More football and rock-hard evidence.

This system isn’t going to be perfect, but none will be. There will be good and bad aspects about what will develop between now and September ‘14. Some may even make you wonder if a playoff was the best idea. I’m sure some have brushed the idea off and said, “Get back to me in a few years.”

If you do feel that way, take a day off, snap your fingers and look at what college football has become.

Things have changed. Every game is on TV, your phone provides scores from around the country instead of having to wait for the PA. You can order your halftime meal on your phone, pay for it and be chowing down instead of waiting in line.

Adaptation is something everyone must face whether they think agree with the change or not. The majority wants a playoff, and as is often the case, majority ruled.


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  • Sailinsteven

    Hmmm… The only folks that can afford to go to 2 out of state games 10 days apart are the rich, so now, CFB is just like the pros. I like the hard evidence of a playoff, but we just might be biting off more than we can chew. JMHO

    • briantowle

      Not true. People will go to games if they can (or can’t) afford it if they want to. People wont shell for Pinstripe Bowl games, but they will for the Rose Bowl, and beyond.