HoF Debate, Selection Committee Selection and Ahman Green to Play Again?

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HoF Debate, Selection Committee Selection and Ahman Green to Play Again?

Every week, the Husker Locker staff sits down after being presented a number of questions addressing various aspects of Nebraska athletics and occasionally branching out into the national scene. With no prior knowledge of the other panelists’ answers, here are their thoughts:

This week –

What’s your take on the idea of keeping a new member out of a Hall of Fame class because another member of the same school was voted in a year prior?

Brian: It’s dumb, no matter how you slice it. You want the best players and coaches available to be inducted? Take this seemingly needless rule out of the picture.

Derek: This sounds like a stop-gap measure. What about the Nebraska teams of the 90’s or any number of teams that have a plethora of great players?

What I would be in favor of is something that Jason Whitlock suggested for the Pro Football Hall of Fame: have shorter windows for the candidates to be elected, say about 20 years (the current window is 50).

Brandon: I understand the concept, but the rule still doesn’t make much sense to me. Ty Detmer’s in the College Football Hall of Fame before Tommie Frazier? No offense to Detmer, but that’s a mistake.

The classes allow for an appropriate number of deserving players and coaches each year. If Southern Cal, Nebraska, Alabama, etc. happen to have a run of fantastic players or coaches, so be it.

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