HoF Debate, Selection Committee Selection and Ahman Green to Play Again?

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HoF Debate, Selection Committee Selection and Ahman Green to Play Again?

Who should be in the College Football Hall of Fame first: Trev Alberts or Eric Crouch?

Brian: Good question. I would say Crouch just for the fact that he was the face of the team for nearly three years before winning the Heisman. Trev was a good player, don’t get me wrong, but the star power Eric has today far exceeds what Trev does, especially after the UNO football debacle.

Derek: I go back and forth on this when I compare the careers of Alberts and Crouch.

Both ended their careers as one of the best players in the country at their position winning national awards, both had four impact seasons and both hold multiple career records at Nebraska. Crouch played hurt for a large portion of his career, Alberts played during the 1994 Orange Bowl while wearing a cast.

Whomever gets in first will be deserving. Forced to pick, I would vote for Crouch over Alberts.

While Alberts was playing on a defense that had many great players, Crouch had to carry a team whose talent declined as he progressed to his senior year against the backdrop of weighted expectations from the national title years.

At 200 pounds, he couldn’t impose his will on teams, relying instead on speed. Alberts couldn’t necessarily prove as much because had a more limited role, but I still feel Crouch is the more deserving candidate.

Brandon: I give the nod to Crouch and not just because of the Heisman. As his career went along, he became a bigger part of the playbook until he essentially was the playbook in 2001.

It’s hard to blame Frank Solich for keeping the ball in Crouch’s hands. Big players make the biggest plays and No. 7 was the best horse in his stable.

Trev will likely have his day in the sun, though. You don’t have the kind of impact he did and not get a steak dinner or three.

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