HOLIDAY BOWL: 5 Best Defensive Plays

By at December 31, 2009 | 2:10 AM | Print

The Play You Didn’t See: Matt O’Hanlon picked off Nick Foles on the third play of the game – Foles made an awful pass – and returned it to the sweet spot for NU’s offense and an early, quick touchdown. Just Matty being Matty – at least over the last half of the season.

Dillard Down the Field: NU linebacker Phillip Dillard probably earned himself a few slots in the NFL Draft when he aptly covered Arizona running back Nic Grigsby on a seam route down the field, breaking up what was probably Nick Foles best pass of the first half.

Sack Party 1: Pierre Allen puts a nasty move on Arizona’s right tackle and hammers Foles, stripping him of the ball for a nine-yard loss. He and best friend Barry Turner engage in a celebratory dance.

Sack Party 2: Allen, Turner and Ndamukong Suh all converge on Foles for the second sack of the game one drive after the first one.

The Shutout Preserver: Bo Pelini calls a casino blitz with all the fixins, and backup safety P.J. Smith delivers on fourth down, batting down the Foles pass.

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