Husker Heartbeat 1/7: Bo No Go to UM (And Taylor's Dings and Dents)

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A quick abbreviation key FYI: OWH=Omaha World-Herald, LJS=Lincoln Journal-Star, CN=Corn Nation, BRN=Big Red Network, HI=Huskers Illustrated, BRR=Big Red Report. If we need to add more – we will. Others, like ESPN, are self-explanatory.

The AP confirms that Bo Pelini isn't remotely interested in going to Michigan. Way to shut it down there, Bo!

Taylor Martinez's father Casey says that his son is still battling lingering injuries to his toe and ankle.

We're worried here that newspapers and news organizations are willing to stoop to a very poor precedent of letting a father speak for his son on matters because the son doesn't want to talk.

We're surprised that Bo Pelini would give his stamp of approval to that. Doesn't seem in keeping with personal accountability.

Maybe this is the end of the missives. It should be.

*Former NU defensive ends coach Tony Samuel won FCS National Coach of the Year.

*Does Tray Robinson's impending transfer hurt NU's running back depth? Only if Braylon Heard doesn't make it to Lincoln.

*A little NFL: ESPN's Bill Simmons tackles the question: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

We'll take Brady. The NFL talking heads prefer Manning because he more or less serves as his own offensive coordinator. But Brady handles pressure – off the field and on it – better in the big games, and often seems to have that one big scramble in him.

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