Husker Heartbeat 5/19: Tails Wagging Dogs, Suh, The Hawk and ACC

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Cool? Cool!

Compared to most news outlets, we’ve sat on the sideline of this Big Ten expansion story. Maybe you figured the big boys had come in to do the real work.

Hardly. We saw a tail out of Missouri wagging the dog of the media down there. Fine professionals caught up in projecting a story that hadn’t yet materialized.

So when Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany basically said – as he’s said all along – that no decisions or invitations were imminent at this week’s Big Ten meetings in Chicago, we weren’t surprised in the least. The Big Ten, after all, isn’t going to consult some administrator at Mizzou on timetables.

Of course, some of the media just couldn’t buy they’d been assembled in Chicago like Geraldo Rivera once was for Al Capone’s tomb, so they ran with Delany’s main chat of the day – on the shifting population demographic to the Sun Belt – as a “twist.” A twist that frustrated a veteran scribe like Tom Shatel:

“That’s because the longer this story goes on, the more you wonder who is going to pop out from behind the curtain.”

Except that the Big Ten hasn’t been pushing any story. Delany sticks to his original story. He’s done this over and over. There are no quotes on-the-record that the Big Ten is about to do anything or has done anything. The “sources” – mostly from the Missouri end – have done almost all the speculating and work on this story. And who reports those sources? The media.

What you’re getting, fine reader, is a lesson in how the media has been taken for a ride in this new digital age. Instead of raw, hard reporting, insisting people show their cards and go on the record, journalists settle for a “Watergate”-style hand-me-down of “follow the money.”

*Ndamukong Suh heads to one of Detroit’s many offseason minicamps before the main camp.

*Dan Hawkins is spinning tall tales again. Although – and we’ve said this before – CU is going to be better this year than some expect.

*ESPN vastly overpays for the rights to ACC football and hoops. There’s a reason for that perhaps we’ll explore sometime.

*NU baseball rolls Creighton in Rosenblatt finale.

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