Husker Locker Will Replace Balloons With Fans (You Guys)

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Husker Locker Will Replace Balloons With Fans (You Guys)

As you’ve heard by now, a helium shortage will be nixing the releasing of red balloons after the first score/touchdown/when your kid’s arm gets tired.

While we certainly back the team and every score, we’re going to celebrate what keeps the Big Red Machine going each and every day instead of after every scoring play: You, the fans!

You’ve seen the tip of the iceberg with the new and improved Husker Heartbeat and Huskergram. We’re going to take things up a notch starting next week as we count down towards kickoff.

We want to put you folks in the spotlight, as many as we can. If you have a unique or interesting Husker-related story, friends, photo(s), antiques, man cave, tattoos, sentimental items, anything that you want to share with the rest of Husker Nation, we want to talk to you.

Send us an e-mail and tell us your tale/show us what you’ve got. We’ll show the ever-shrinking world and ever-growing Big Red Faithful your own little slice of Scarlet Heaven.

Of course, we want to keep you up to date in every way that we can, so be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check back daily for all that we’ve got in store for you all season long.

Take care, stay safe and Go Big Red!

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