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Here's our latest top 25!

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Here it is…analysis to follow:

1. Alabama (6) 174
2. Florida (1) 169
3. Texas 161
4. Boise State 144
5. Cincinnati 139
6. USC 138
7. Iowa 130
8. TCU 127
9. LSU 110
10. Georgia Tech 106
11. Miami 104
12. Oklahoma State 101
13. Oregon 92
14. Virginia Tech 78
15. Penn State 75
16. BYU 64
17. Texas Tech 54
18. Houston 52
19. Pittsburgh 51
20. Oklahoma 30
21. Nebraska 28
22. Utah 27
T23. Arkansas 22
T23. West Virginia 22
25. Ohio State 21

Also receiving points: Kansas 16, South Carolina 13, Michigan 8, Ole Miss 9, Missouri 5, South Florida 3, Auburn 3, Clemson 2, Central Michigan 1

Biggest jump: Texas Tech went from unranked to 17th. GT jumped from 18 to 10. Cincy, after a road win vs. South Florida, made a surprising jump from 9 to 5.

Biggest fall: Nebraska goes from 10 to 21. Ohio State drops from 11 to 25. Virginia Tech drops from 4 to 14.


New No. 1: Alabama takes over the top spot. The Tide's body of work, especially on defense, is just too good to ignore.

Still no love for Iowa: The Hawkeyes don't move in our polls despite a comeback win at Wisconsin. Iowa owns wins over Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin and Arizona. TCU's best win is a four-pointer over Clemson.

Oklahoma keeps respect: Voters didn't downgrade OU for a three-point loss to No. 3 Texas.

Scores matter: Arkansas didn't budge after a tight three-point loss to Florida. South Carolina played just as tough of a game vs. Alabama, but a late touchdown skewed the result.

Stevie Pedey: Look who's at No. 19. Pittsburgh, which was fortunate to beat struggling Rutgers.

Weakened bottom half: The back half of the top 25 is full of flawed squads, many of whom lost in the last two weeks. The question is: Are there smaller conference schools (Central Michigan, Navy) really worth taking a chance on?

Notre Dame – gone: The Irish took USC to the wire in South Bend. And lost all of its votes in the process. The Irish may have to win every game from this point forward to get ranking consideration.

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