Husker Nation Has Chosen Their Speedster!

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Husker Nation Has Chosen Their Speedster!

Ameer Abdullah, Kenny Bell, Tim Marlowe and Braylon Heard. These are the names Bo Pelini touted last week as potential punt and kick returners.

We wanted to find out who you want to see fielding kicks versus the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles, so we blasted the query out. Here are the results (rounded up):

Ameer Abdullah – 63.6%
Jamal Turner – 32.6%
Tim Marlowe – 2.1%
Braylon Heard – 1.7%

The 2011 Fresno State game must still be stuck in people’s minds, and for good reason. We’ll likely be seeing Ameer in the backfield and if Husker Nation has its way, fielding kicks.

Agree? Disagree? Chime in below.

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