Husker Nation Reacts to Aaron Green’s Decision

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Husker Nation Reacts to Aaron Green’s Decision

Late Sunday evening, word spread that Aaron Green had chosen to transfer, likely to a school closer to home.

Husker fans weren’t going to wait until the sun rose to sound off on the San Antonio native’s departure. A few voices from the crowd:

Jeff McCauley – A player that doesn’t want to be there will never become a great player. Better to find out now than in the thick of conference play.

Nile Kemble – One kid doesn’t make or break a program.

Cameron Snell – Best of luck to him. Hate to see him go, but hate it more to see him stay. If he doesnt wanna be here then it is what it is. We will be fine!

David Adams – It would make no sense to somehow get the guy to stay at Nebraska. You will never get a player to play his best if he’s not happy. If we were all in his shoes, we’d want to have that option to go where we can feel happy. I wish him the best.

Tervino Copeland – Wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t more of this to come?

Raymond Richardson Jr – Good luck to him, and shame on everyone who is putting him down. It’s obviously not his hard work, everyone of the players have to bust their ass and if you don’t think politics doesn’t play some sort of role in decisions to play players your mistaken. Not saying he’s better than Rex or more deserving, he just wants a shot when it’s game time and who’s to say he couldn’t perform past expectations.

What do YOU think? Chime in below.


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  • Rmahapat

    Quote From Aaron Green:  ”It weighed on me because I knew I was good enough to play.  I knew it without a doubt I was good enough to play.  Why I didn’t, That’s not up to me.  That’s up to the coaches.”……That sounds like a guy who is blaming everyone but himself for his lack of playing time.  The number two spot was open when they all came in.  Ameer worked harder and earned the job.  Never meant Aaron couldn’t snatch it from him.  The Roster is for the most part fluid.  If we know anything it is that Bo is going to play the best guy.  Aaron wasn’t the best guy at that point.  Instead of working his tail off like Rex and Ameer, he is choosing to transfer.  I know he says he wants to be closer to home but what college football transfer doesn’t say that?  If that IS it…more power to him, family is everything so if thats it I have no problem with it…I just dont believe it is.

    • Brandon Cavanaugh

      It’s Rex’s year, but Aaron had the opportunity to be The Man in 2013. Plain and simple.

  • Bangert Tim

    Today’s high school player gets so much hype that they think they should play right away and get impatient waiting for their shot. That’s why so many more players are transferring from the school they signed with. They can’t handle the competition that comes with college ball where talent is abundant.

    • Husker Kent

      EXACTLY!  Just another over-rated pre-madonna high school star who believes his own press clippings thinking he can ride those credentials all the way to the NFL.  Nothing is given to you.  You have to earn it.  If you don’t like it take your ball and go home!  We don’t need no Momma’s boys at Nebraska!

      • Jcirwin69

        Pre-Madonna? It’s prima donna.

  • Goskers93

    Hes leaving the best fans in college football, we’ll see how he feels in a few months during gameday and not in lincoln . GBR!

  • Gobigred97

    Another spoiled high school athlete who thought he’d walk into Lincoln on his high school stats. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen apparantly.

  • Pete

    Players leave for many different reasons, and the majority of the time you have no idea why.  Quit being a bunch of idiots and be who Husker fans are supposed to be.  It stinks that he is leaving because as of right now the Big Red does not have anyone who has proven that they can play, but it is what it is.

    • Pete

      Oops, read the first name wrong.  They will be fine in the backfield.

  • Lswan910

    wish he woulda stayed. I know abdullah started over him, but once rex is gone it would’ve been a two man show, and Aaron, just from watching his high school film anyway, reminded me of A.P. of course, I’m a vikings fan, so all the good running backs remind me of A.P., but oh well. a backfield like that, with Martinez, and later Armstrong at QB, and Nebraska;s running game would’ve been unstoppable.

  • Genius

    Why the NU coaches brought in three RBs in the same year is beyond me. This is what is going to happen when you do that…one, you get players that switch positions (Braylon Heard) and will never see the field again, and two, you get players that couldn’t crack the two-deep and would rarely see the field so they transfer (Aaron Green). Why don’t you spread out the recruiting, and pick up one RB per year (never more than two). The recruiting of these coaches blows my mind. Last year, we brought in four LBs. This again, is stupid. Look for the same thing to happen in a couple of years out of this group of players.