Huskergram (7/29/2012)

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Huskergram (7/29/2012)

Don’t have a smartphone? Not an Instagram fan but still want to enjoy awesome Big Red shots? We’ve got you covered with Huskergram.

Have a shot to share? Tag your shot with #Huskergram so we can find it!

(via kelliepaigem):

Huskergram12 e1343529004770 Huskergram (7/29/2012)


















(via jestyr7):

Huskergram22 e1343529195551 Huskergram (7/29/2012)


















(via mn_husker):

HuskerGram32 e1343529343249 Huskergram (7/29/2012)


















(via _sweete_):

HuskerGram42 e1343529531410 Huskergram (7/29/2012)


















(via @frankafort):

HuskerGram51 e1343529677653 Huskergram (7/29/2012)


















Congrats to those who got in the spotlight today. Share with your friends and spread the word. #Huskergram may very well get you on Husker Locker.

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