Huskergram (8/02/2012)

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Huskergram (8/02/2012)

Don’t have a smartphone? Not an Instagram fan but still want to enjoy awesome Big Red shots? Want to find some fellow members of Husker Nation to follow? We’ve got you covered with Huskergram.

Have a shot to share? Tag your shot with #Huskergram so we can find it!

(via conorchrystal):

Huskergram1 e1343893336307 Huskergram (8/02/2012)


















(via triss_nelson):

Huskergram2 e1343893442193 Huskergram (8/02/2012)


















(via huskerboy_):

Huskergram3 e1343893604518 Huskergram (8/02/2012)


















(via @sara_downs19):

Huskergram4 e1343893736111 Huskergram (8/02/2012)


















(via @ddanaa13):

Huskergram e1343893906610 Huskergram (8/02/2012)


















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