Huskers’ Five Day Focus Plan for Summer – Day Four

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Huskers’ Five Day Focus Plan for Summer – Day Four

More than halfway through the Summer Series, we’ve covered bad press, a Pipeline revival and finding Rex Burkhead a safety net. Obviously Superman’s an important part of Nebraska’s offense, but the guy immediately below him in terms of necessity has perhaps the most say on the outcome any given game and he’s due for a huge leap in development.

Taylor Finally Turns the Corner

We’ve all heard about Martinez returning to California to work on his weaknesses.

We’ve also heard – again, heard not seen – that he is progressing as a more comfortable pocket passer. The next few months must be about completing the transition entirely.

Gone are the days of Taylor busting 70-yard touchdown runs. With no true backup and the brutality of the Big Ten, Martinez cannot run the ball too often for fear of injury. Throw in the debate of whether or not he’s truly 100 percent and the verdict is in – He must become not only a true dual-threat quarterback, but a leader.

There’s nothing stopping T-Magic from excelling as a passer. Except the uncomfortable pocket presence, the awkward throwing motion, the perceived lack of timing on quick throws and his frequent inaccuracy on deep balls.

Okay, okay, he has some obstacles to overcome. However, he showed he could make plays with his arm last season, and Nebraska’s offense desperately needs him to build off any and all momentum to become a full-fledged threat in 2012.

He can still run the occasional keeper (no option though, please), and his ability to escape a tight spot remains. He also has an embarrassment of riches at the skill positions with Kenny Bell, Kyler Reed, Quincy Enunwa, Jamal Turner, and Jordan Westerkamp lining up to snag his throws.

All the more reason why Taylor must use this critic-free summer to refine his pocket presence.

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