It’s a Trap!, Pre-Pre-Preseason Rankings and Safety Precautions

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It’s a Trap!, Pre-Pre-Preseason Rankings and Safety Precautions

Where would you rank the Huskers in a top 25 poll right now?

Brian: I saw 18th on a blogpoll site the other day and thought that was a touch low. Better than TCU? Maybe. Better than Clemson? An even fight I would think. Michigan State isn’t better, but Wisconsin is.

Kansas State is definitely better than the Huskers. What those teams all have in common is that they’re ranked above Nebraska. That’s a fair evaluation. Then again, this list had Ohio State at No. 20 and Texas at No. 21. Somewhat misplaced teams, if you ask me.

Derek: Somewhere around 21 or 22. I haven’t seen a lot of pre-season polls, but in Pelini’s four years at the helm, the Huskers settled at the lower end of the top 25. I see nothing with the current team to suggest they deserve to be rated any higher.

However, they have the talent to beat the top teams in the Big 10. Where they end up will depend on how many freshmen and sophomores can break out this year.

Brandon: In the 18-20 range. The way they finished the 2011 season combined with the absence of a spring game hurts the ranking and the loss of Crick, David and Dennard has to be taken into account.

If we could’ve seen some new faces step up in April, this ranking might be higher, but expect Nebraska to have to earn their way towards a top ten spot regardless.

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