Knee-Jerk Reactions (4/22/2012)

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Knee-Jerk Reactions (4/22/2012)

– It’s difficult to accept the idea that Alfonzo Dennard suddenly “went rogue.” You don’t go incident-free for most of your career before getting tossed during your last game and follow that up with alleged assault on a whim.

– In more positive news, how ‘bout them ha-hd ballin’ huskahs?! (Said in 1940s broadcast style). A win over Purdue today would be amazing.











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– While Rex Burkhead may not win the Heisman, is it really not worth trying a campaign for the publicity alone? As enjoyable as he was, Dan Persa wasn’t winning and he had one.

– It’s cool to see Rickey Thenarse take over coaching duties for his alma mater, but after leaving a life surrounded by gangs, it’s hard to believe home changed much. Rooting for ya, Rickey.

– Kinda surprised that offering ticket value to carry over to the 2013 Spring Game didn’t happen immediately.

– The cancellation sure paid off, though. Several recruits came away extremely impressed.

– Alright, Deverell Biggs committed to Tim Miles. That’s a great start. Bring in Agau and some AAU boys, then we’ll talk turkey. (Anyone have a fresh bird?)











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– The attempt’s appreciated Kyle, but we can still see you. Seriously, a very cool display for the troops by Erstad’s squad. Some of the better camo unis ever displayed, too and that’s saying something.

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