Knee-Jerk Reactions (4/29/2012)

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Knee-Jerk Reactions (4/29/2012)

- Anxious to see Alfonzo Dennard do some public service announcements that involve him dropping from the beginning of the draft to the end. Don’t Punch a Cop and You Won’t Drop (or get dropped).

- Bottom line: Belichick knows how to handle his business.

- Was happy to see Tampa Bay take Lavonte in the second and snagged Yoshi Hardrick in free agency. Now they both get to compete against the highest paid guard…in The League.

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- Also good to see Brandon Kinnie get a shot in KC. All he wanted was the shot, so if he can get over the whole “dropsies” thing, consider it a bonus.

- Once Crick heals up, he’ll do some damage in that Houston 3-4 on the outside.

- Marcel Jones has seemed like as a guy that a team would snag as a value pick. If he can stay upright, New Orleans may have found a gem.

- A 10-2 loss to CSU Bakersfield is not how you make a case for an NCAA appearance.

- At this point, if Nebraska can go 2-1 in their primetime run against Wisky, tOSU and Michigan, that’s a win.

- Did you see the pair of Starburst Adidas shoes that Coach Miles has?

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- An Anti-Offseason Crew exclaimation point to this week’s Reactions:

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