Knee-Jerk Reactions (5/27/2012)

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Knee-Jerk Reactions (5/27/2012)

– While Nebraska baseball suffered a bitter end to their season in the Big Ten tournament after such high hopes, getting to the postseason and winning for the first time since 2008 says something.

Then again, so does their horrific RPI. Regardless, it was a fun year to experience and one that left fans wanting more. That appeared to be the ultimate goal for Osborne and Erstad in Year One.













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– Jamie Williams’ hire screams “successor to T.O.” if for no other reason than any other viable candidates are completely absent. Well, that and his son’s walking on for Bo Pelini’s crew.

Given, that doesn’t make an eventual Williams hire a lock as we saw Austin Cassidy and his father part ways, unfortunately, but I would like to hear sincere arguments as to why Williams won’t be the next guy at the helm of Nebraska’s athletic department.

– Rex Burkhead, Spencer Long and Brett Maher – these guys I can see on Phil Steele’s preseason All-Big Ten list. Andrew Rodriguez on his fourth team, though…maybe Phil knows something.

– After Bo Pelini stepped up and vouched for Alfonzo Dennard publicly, his national perception as a player’s coach will take extreme effort to disprove.

– Nebraska has plenty of IPads floating around the athletic offices, but what are they used for aside from playbooks? Here’s one way the film crew takes advantage of them:

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