Knee-Jerk Reactions (4/1/2012)

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Knee-Jerk Reactions (4/1/2012)

– NFL Draft impressions: Fonzie getting some love, Crick mostly off radars except for in war rooms, can’t get enough of David

– Malik Zaire’s commitment to Notre Dame was an amazing testament to college football recruiting. Basically like saying you want chicken all week before ending up at a steakhouse.

– Very interested to see what coach Kaz can do over the next several months. He’s been talked up by a number of B1G/national colleagues. Wondering if Pelini/JP will keep DL containing or be more aggressive.

– The spotlight’s on the spot opposite Mo Seisay and the safeties to a lesser extent, but if Ciante Evans can lock down nickel and play his role well, secondary improvement may go up drastically.

– Consensus on Terry Joseph since his hiring: Wait and see on coaching, watch out SEC Country when it comes to recruiting

– With Justin Jackson’s move to center from the defensive line, part of me hopes he picks things up and becomes a great story. A larger part of me realizes how difficult it is to play the position well.

If you just thought “Justin who?,” you can appreciate how good of a story it’d be.

– My proposal for an inter-squad scrimmage in 2013: Nebraska vs. Iowa State or Iowa

– Your KJR Vid of the Week:

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