NCAA Football 13 Demo Review

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NCAA Football 13 Demo Review

When reviewing EA Sports’ yearly college football release, it’s ideal to have someone who’s at least a casual fan of the sport holding the controller.

When someone who watches college football from dawn ‘til dusk (and later), reads all preseason magazines, blogs, studies uniforms from equipment to aesthetics and everything in between reviews the game, then you get the genuine article – literally.

That someone is me. The NCAA Football 13 demo’s downloaded, so let’s get to it, shall we?

(Note: For those wondering, I have a PS3 going to a 1080i screen)

- Dynasty Mode

The glimpse you’ll get in the demo is courtesy of three big-time week ten games from the 2012 season: Kansas State vs. Baylor, Southern Cal vs. Oregon and Alabama vs. LSU. I tried my hand at all three.

- No. 5 Oregon vs. No. 3 USC

The tone was set perfectly. Aside from an oddly emotionless Trojan jamming his sword into the turf, the atmosphere was electric. If I was a USC fan, I’d be jacked about playing this game and, admittedly, as the “lowly” Oregon Ducks, I did feel a bit intimidated by my surroundings.

After kickoff, things settled down and I truly felt like I was part of an ABC or ESPN telecast. Yes, the commentary was rehashed, but I was having so much fun, I really didn’t care.

The trademark BottomLine scrolls other games going on that day complete with upset alerts and priority score updates. The feature appears to “dip” a bit, so I could only see about half in the middle of my TV. It could be the game, it could be on my end.

As the Ducks and Trojans clashed, a Studio Update broke in. It’s a cool feature meant to add evidence to the argument that you are actually participating in what you watch every fall…and it works eerily well.

Admittedly, the updates can be a bit jerky and I can see them interrupting the flow of a two minute drill or a faster game overall.

I don’t need to hear about Central Michigan knocking off Eastern Michigan when trying to score on No. 1 Oklahoma with 40 seconds to go in the fourth quarter, but the game seems to have a good balance of when to throw these at you.

As the game went on, I noticed the little things like Matt Barkley adjusting his facemask before going under center.

A great touch, especially considering Oregon defensive tackle Taylor Hart blessed the game with a Fat Guy Touchdown after the Gang Green defense knocked him for a loop, and the ball from his hands.

I had to cut this game short, so the surprise at the end of the next one caused my eyebrows to rise.


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Husker Life

  • funk

    NCAA is a gimmick.  Are you seriously telling me that the pre-game rituals(where  experienced players skip over) made the gameplay that more gratifying?  The menu, playbooks(except 1 hail mary modification), commentary are all the same.

    As far as the game play, the only changes are slight changes with the fluidity of the players when you control them.  Sure they implemented new “animations”, but that’s is all they are.  The Reaction Time is a development that gets really old fast and just makes the game way to easy.

    I don’t understand how you are so hype about Matt Barkley adjusting his facemask BEFORE he snaps the ball.  

    Feels like a mirror image of NCAA 12 with subtle changes in player movement.  How does the EA Team take 1 year development to change the roster, add animations, and a slow-motion feature in the Heisman mode?

    • Brandon Cavanaugh

      - Honestly, I did enjoy the pregame rituals and am glad to see them expanded. Maybe that’s a lack of legitimate action for several months, but it made the experience that much more enjoyable.

      After several games, the enjoyment usually dies down, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy seeing rivals like Nebraska and Oklahoma take the field against each other.

      - Yes, gameplay changes aren’t mind-bogglingly different, but the fluidity makes a difference to me. Reaction Time does cheapen the Heisman experience somewhat, but I think it’s geared towards newer players of the franchise.

      It is what it is and strictly looking at it from a sense of blind fun, I enjoyed it.

      - Regarding Barkley’s facemask adjustment, as I said, I appreciate little things like that.

      - While I think you may find there to be a few more changes, subtle yet noticeable, this is a valid question and honestly, I’m going to try to find out.

      • funk

        Thanks for the honest reply.  Sorry if I came off as a hot-head after reading your reply, I just get really obsessed with NCAA.  Ever since NCAA 06, I’ve sadly poured countless hours into dynasties and matchups.  I think I finally outgrew this game.

        • Brandon Cavanaugh

          No apologize necessary. Trust me, I know what you mean about obsessing. I mean, I commented on Matt Barkley adjusting his facemask as a positive, so clearly I’m watching closely, no?

          Much like you, I’ve lost several days to the harsh mistress that is EA’s NCAA Football. Unless it pulls a Madden 12, I won’t stop buying any time soon.

          • Question?

            i played the dynasty mode with Baylor, beating K-State and did not receive any verification that I had unlocked a Legendary Heisman player of old. However this is on PS3 and I was not connected to the internet upon winning the game. Do I have to be connected to the internet in order to get these locked characters, or can I connect later to get the locked players after beating all the games?

          • Brandon Cavanaugh

            While I was connected to PSN at the time, I didn’t get the impression that you need to be connected to be unlocked. 

            That’s what I took away from this as well:

  • Hawkzilla

    RG3 isn’t Baylors QB in the OD game on the demo… he is in the NFL this year, got drafted #2… if you didn’t notice.

    You can only play as RG3 in Heisman mode.