Knee-Jerk Reactions (2/27/2012)

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tn 510x510 Kneejerk Knee Jerk Reactions (2/27/2012)
By Brandon Cavanaugh

- Erstad’s club played like a team on a mission this past weekend, one with something to prove.

- Highlights from Nebraska’s 15-0 win over Utah:

- Saturday’s notebook: Men’s basketball 34, Baseball 21.

- Several Nebraska basketball fans are finding themselves with a feeling far more dangerous than anger towards the program’s current state: Apathy

- Unless you play roundball for Connie Yori. Upsetting the No. 8 Ohio State on Senior Day is the kind of last home game dreamt of.

- One of the funniest comments heard following Sadler’s embarrassing loss: Cut the basketball program to save money.

1.) Spend millions on new arena and practice facility.
2.) Cut basketball program.
3.) ?????
4.) Profit

- The NCAA’s decision to move kickoffs to the 30, thus increasing touchback probability is idiocy. A well-managed 80-yard drive can be fun to watch, but Nebraska fans seemed to enjoy watching Ameer Abdullah zip between would-be tacklers.

- Love the inking of the game with BYU. Even though the contest is three years off, that’s a long time for things to change in the world of college football.

- Stop complaining about Idaho State. Gus Malzahn’s going to be a pain with Arkansas State and every school needs a track meet. Ask any top SEC team. They seem to be doing well.

- Tom Osborne turned 75 last Thursday and apparently works out 60-plus minutes per day. Several egos took a hit after reading that sentence.

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Knee-Jerk Reactions