Knee-Jerk Reactions (3/18/12)

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Knee-Jerk Reactions (3/18/12)

– Erstad’s troops aren’t perfect, but they’ve been impressive out of the gate. The split with Cal and their recent merciless mauling of Louisiana Tech was encouraging.

– Cole Pensick might want to replace Caputo, but he’s not the best center Pelini’s staff can put in the middle.

– If Shaka Smart comes to Nebraska, I’ll eat my hat*

– Terry Joseph’s currently out recruiting the Southeast. Does this guy also make julienne fries?

– Another spring, another promise of Kyler Reed being more involved. Pretend this is SEC country.

– Kenny Bell’s afro is top notch, but he’s no Wonder Monds…yet.

– Congrats to Carl Nicks for making bank as an NFL guard. Was it really necessary to take a shot at the team he won the Super Bowl with, though?

– Alonzo Whaley’s the logical starting point for replacing Lavonte David at WILL. David Santos is the sane choice.

– If Braylon Heard can pick up his new secondary role, he’ll be a beast at cornerback. He can hit. If Joseph can teach him to cover, he’ll be decleating Big Ten wide receivers in no time.

– Oh this is just priceless:

– P.S. Don’t forget your PowerTowel®.

*Will find nacho hat to eat.

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