An Illustrated Look at The Big Red Gearing Up For the Big Ten

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Well over 100 Nebraska Cornhusker football players have been waiting for this time of the year. As anxious as fans are to fill Memorial Stadium and Big Ten cathedrals around the conference, the players’ excitement level is building at an exponential rate.

In less than two weeks, the Huskers kick off the 2011 season against UT-Chattanooga, but to play well, you have to be properly outfitted. Let’s have a look at what players can look forward to as game day approaches:

First thing’s first: You need the proper helmet to protect your noggin, so we start with a basic shell:

Now that your helmet’s picked out and fitted, it’s time to snap on the appropriate facemask:

We’ve got to make sure that you’ll get some proper cleats:

The initial jerseys complete with this year’s commemorative Big Red patch game in a while ago, so a few guys tried them on to enjoy that brand new jersey feel:

A clear picture of the patch commemorating Nebraska’s first year in the Big Ten:

There’s the gloves that Nebraska’s got on hand for a special occasion:

…but only 11 players get to wear these ones:

After pads are fitted, you’ll look quite similar to Mr. Hardrick here:

We can’t guarantee the death stare, though.

Finally, you’ll want to keep in constant communication with your coaches and can access confidential information via your IPad that was generously donated by Husker alum Ndamukong Suh:

That about does it. A week from Saturday, it’ll be time to tap this on your way out onto the field:

Best of luck and Go Big Red!

Many of these awesome shots were provided by the Nebraska equipment guys’ Twitter account. Follow them @NUEquipment

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