Husker Nation’s Top Five Moments of 2011

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While the Capital One Bowl has yet to be played, 2011’s coming to a close. After polling the masses, five instances stood out as Husker Nation’s top moments from the past season:

Andrew Weldon (@kungfusquirrel): Standing in the rain and watching Lavonte David save the entire season with one unbelievable strip. I was worried the crowd wasn’t going to come back after halftime and we were witnessing the start of another 2007, but they did (even the west balcony!) and on the resulting score I think every person there believed we could win.

Jason Wacker (@Jason_Wacker): Getting to watch pure athletes in (Alfonzo) Dennard & (Lavonte) David week in and week out. Unreal.

Brock Minert (@brockminert): Seeing Ron Brown lead the prayer before the PSU game. Surreal moment.

Steven Wu (@wulegit2quit): Brett Maher’s solid season. Kickers choked all year, but he remained steady, and he’ll win games for us going forward.

Mike Zimmerman (@mike_zim): Rex exhausted on the ground vs. Michigan State, takes a play off and comes in next play for a play action TD pass.

As a special “plus-one”, props go out to Ben Darling (@BenDarling_) for spotting a heady decision by senior safety Austin Cassidy:

Didn’t see it? Ben made sure we were covered:

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