Knee-Jerk Reactions (1/15/2012)

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By Brandon Cavanaugh

- Don’t really see much that Austin Cassidy or Marcel Jones could do at the Shrine Game to raise their NFL stock, but both might get invites to camps. Jones fights through injury, but he’s pretty badly banged up as it is.

- Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: Nebraska basketball beats Penn State like it was assumed they would, yet it’s likely few would be surprised if they didn’t. Admittedly, it stinks for Doc.

- Connie Yori’s squad is impressive to watch. If you haven’t gotten the chance yet, check out the one-loss Lady Huskers as they climb the AP poll.

- That’s what happens when you invite the 844-time national champion Iowa Hawkeye wrestling club to visit.

- Slightly dated, but Mohammed Seisay looks to be a stud and Jared Afalava is incredibly underrated. 17 days left until Signing Day.

- The idea of Nebraska having alternate football uniforms seems pretty cool. You wouldn’t even need to touch the helmet to come up with a design that would be pleasing. For those who suggest it’s a waste of time to consider, one has to wonder how much money Adidas/Nebraska made off of selling those gloves that the Cornhuskers never ended up wearing in 2011.

- Hearing Dennard to the Cowboys and the Lions as of now. Crick’s name comes up with the 49ers often.

- Some NFL defensive coordinator’s going to get a raise once he works Lavonte David into his scheme properly.

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Knee-Jerk Reactions