Knee-Jerk Reactions – Fresno State

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– For those of you making Tim Beck/Shawn Watson comparisons, knock it off. Watson would’ve had Martinez throwing slant routes across the middle and handing the ball off to Burkhead in the second half as Nebraska either won by a point or lost.

– Martinez clearly had his software from OSU 2010 reloaded at halftime, though.

– Ameer Abdullah: So fast that he can cramp up at the opponent’s 45 yard line and still can’t be caught.

– 41 tackles by Will Compton, Lavonte David and Daimion Stafford sounds impressive. Not so much when noted that none caused Fresno State to lose yardage.

– Anxiously waiting for someone to argue why Jamal Turner, Kenny Bell, Quincy Enunwa and Kyler Reed shouldn’t be Nebraska’s main receivers. Kinnie’s close, but he’s battling his quarterback’s mechanics.

– Guessing no Heard or Green was because of shift in offensive philosophy in the second half.

– Derek Carr is much more talented than his brother and was good prep for Dan Persa/Northwestern.

– Fresno gained almost five yards per rush. Forget Wisky for a moment and remember Washington’s Chris Polk.

– Brett Maher nailed a 57-yarder in warm-ups. Was somewhat disappointed he didn’t kick that 62-yarder. Also wondering if Alex Henery wasn’t.

– Burkhead leaping over a goal line pile only lends more credence to his “Superman” nickname. That and his Kryptonian birth certificate.

– A 33-percent third down conversion rate doesn’t speak well about the entire offensive staff.

– On the next episode of Ghost Hunters: Courtney Osborne and P.J. Smith.

– Daimion Stafford’s going to be absolutely beastly once he hits midseason form.

– Filed under “Kinda Funny”: Memorial Stadium erupting in cheers for Bo Pelini chewing a ref out.

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Knee-Jerk Reactions