Knee-Jerk Reactions – Michigan

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- Holy regression, Batman! T-Magic morphed back into Taylor Martinez as doubt clearly flooded his decision-making processes.

- Rex Burkhead only ran the ball 10 times and no one should be upset. That Superman’s legs actually work at this point in the season is a miracle.

- Aside from Brandon Kinnie’s waltz into the end zone, all that can really be said is potential doesn’t make catches.

- This offensive line’s banged up something awful and it’s starting to show. Michigan has a solid front four, but there was severe confusion and limited mobility among the big uglies.

- Kenny Bell’s second half-opening fumble perfectly illustrated the Huskers’ day with one play.

- Will Compton is continuing to develop as a solid Big Ten MIKE linebacker.

- Lavonte David is an NFL linebacker. His draft stock is rising every week.

- Terrence Moore runs the option with a pitch to Eric Martin following a tipped interception? Someone wanted to make SportsCenter in a bad way.

- Brett Maher is apparently Rex Burkhead’s cousin from Krypton’s nearby solar system. Take a beating, walk it off, boom a punt across the length of the field.

- There seemed to be so much confidence going into this game before Brady Hoke remembered that Denard Robinson is, in fact, very fast.

- What is it with teams from Michigan faking injuries against Nebraska? Is the Big Ten really so slow that they can’t keep up?

- Perhaps the most entertaining part of the game (for Husker fans, anyway):

- Bowl Prediction of the Week: Gator Bowl vs. Florida

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Knee-Jerk Reactions