Knee-Jerk Reactions – South Carolina

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– If Tim Beck figures out how to replicate a gameplan like the first quarter against South Carolina, cut him a check for whatever he asks.

– If Tim Beck continues to be as predictable as the outcome of a Harlem Globetrotters game to any decent defensive coordinator, tear the check up.

– Taylor Martinez made progress in 2011. Here’s hoping a legitimate quarterback competition takes place in the offseason to push him to do so even more.

– Really wanted to make a joke about a Burkhead touchdown being brought to you by Norelco.

– Tim Marlowe drops a pass and Brett Maher misses a 35-yard field goal. The Mayans were right.

– While the officiating crew made some severe errors, they did not cost Nebraska this game. The Cornhuskers’ worst enemy was themselves.

– That said, it’s not surprising that Pelini nearly had a Texas A&M 2010-style meltdown. Glad he didn’t for a number of reasons.

– Alfonzo Dennard deserved to walk into the sunset with his team, not after being on the winning end of a 10-9 decision against Alshon Jeffery

– There are those who chastise others for being frustrated or even irate with Bo Pelini for losing three or four game per season. It’s not the losses anymore, but rather how embarrassing they’ve become.

– 29 days until National Signing Day. This’ll be interesting.

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Knee-Jerk Reactions Nebraska Football