NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Practice Report 9/13

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A fast-moving storm temporarily knocked out the lights inside the Hawks Championship Center Monday afternoon, forcing the Nebraska football team to head outside into the elements to finish its first practice in preparation for Washington Saturday.

“It was a little weird,” left tackle D.J. Jones said. “But we maintained and finished practice. It’s fine. We don’t mind it. It’s football.”

Head coach Bo Pelini called the workout in shoulder pads and shorts “a typical Monday workout” with “good tempo.” He added that NU’s offensive players responded well to the coaches’ challenge to their improve focus after sloppy play in a 38-17 win over Idaho.

“We drilled it,” said Pelini, who talked only briefly after practice. “We worked some things in individual. We’ll get it corrected.”

Safety Ricky Thenarse, who left Saturday’s game with a cramp, returned as scheduled. Cameron Meredith, who played extensively vs. Idaho, practiced as well.

One with the report:

Particulars: Nebraska practiced for two hours spending the last portion of it outside because a storm knocked out the power inside Hawks Championship Center.

What’s New: Preparation for a road game, which seems to be one of Pelini’s favorite activities.

Coach Quote: “Some of our penalties the other day – there were some bad decisions in there. Some unnecessary penalties. But a lot of times it was guys trying to be aggressive or trying to make the extra block and that’s a positive. It comes down to decision-making. You’ve got to know when to and when not to.” Head coach Bo Pelini on NU’s penalties Saturday

Coach Quote II: “We’ve played in the rain before. It’s not a big deal. It’ll be raining for them too. Kinda expect that when you go out to Seattle from what I understand.” Pelini on a rainy forecast for the Washington game.

Player Quote: “I keep telling him to stop running with his arms out and stuff…he’s tough. He’s not no punk. He can take some hits. He took some hits in practice. Sometimes he be trying to think like he’s 240 pounds or something running the ball. But he’s not. I applaud him for that. Some other quarterbacks would be scared to do what he do.” Linebacker Eric Martin on quarterback Taylor Martinez.


***Martin hadn’t made the defensive calls ever at Nebraska until last Monday, when coaches charged him with learning those calls in an effort to replace Alonzo Whaley on the field.

“A lot of yelling at me,” Martin recalled of that first day in practice. “Because I wasn’t making the call loud enough. I was saying it, but I wasn’t saying it so everybody could hear me. Coach Carl (Pelini) got mad a few times about it.”

Martin said he made all of the calls correctly in Saturday’s win over Idaho.

“I was so worried about it that I took it personal,” Martin said. “And I really was studying for it. And I made all the calls right. It helped me build up my confidence up a lot.”

***Washington coach Steve Sarkisian was highly complimentary of Nebraska’s defense during his Monday press conference, calling the not-yet-Blackshirts “as sound of a defense as I’ve seen in 10 years in playing against really good teams.”

“They’re able to stay close to guys,” Sarkisian said. “There’s not a lot of air, there’s not a lot of room to throw balls. There’s a real onus on the quarterback to understand what coverage it is and anticipate throws.”

Secondary coach Marvin Sanders took the praise – then brushed it off.

“That coach speak,” Sanders said. “Steve has seen a lot of good football over there at USC and now at Washington. I appreciate his compliment but I believe we have to continue to improve. I’m not going to let him lull me into believing that we’re any good right now.”

***Jones said Nebraska’s offense isn’t far away on some of its mistakes in short yardage situations.

“We understand that we did wrong – and what we did right,” he said. “It’s not like we don’t know. We understand the things we can get better at…we came out and tried to put our best foot forward toward. We need to keep an excellent tempo.”

Next Practice: Tuesday. Presser and full pads.

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