Press Conference Notes (Post-Michigan State)

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– On Sunday, Nebraska junior setter Lauren Cook was arrested for driving with a suspended license and fleeing from an accident just before noon. John Cook began the press conference by releasing a statement on the issue, as well as confirming his daughter is still on the team.

– “Days like this, I wish my kid was a sorority girl. It wouldn’t be that big of an issue then,” Cook said.

– Cook briefly discussed whether Lauren would play this weekend or not: “We’re working through with how we are going to resolve that. We have procedures in place.”

– Bo Pelini started the press conference by saying this weekend’s game versus Northwestern will be a nice test for the team, “(Northwestern) has a well though out offense…they do some things that are fairly unique.”

– For those who believe Pelini had a hand in the defense’s performance this past weekend, the head coach said: “I’ve got a pretty good idea of what it takes to play a good defense.”

– Pelini also talked about the process of attaining individual team goals saying, “You hope that each week you get a little bit better.”

– Pelini fielded several questions about the Blackshirts, which were handed out Saturday after the game: “I think it’s a great tradition and it’s something we have embraced.”

– “I don’t really care what people outside think,” Pelini said about the past traditions on Blackshirts. “When you feel the time is right, you go for it.”

– When asked about his starting quarterback, Pelini said, “I think Taylor has come a long way.”

– Pelini also praised Martinez’s game management saying, “He’s got that deep voice, like a 70-year-old man when he’s out there.”

– Pelini finished the press conference by talking about Rex Burkhead and his much needed rest: “He’s actually feeling pretty good today, but we’ll limit him, especially early in the week.”

– Brandon Kinnie talked about Martinez and his leadership: “It’s been great. It’s been good seeing him grow.”

– “The tempo is finally coming around,” Kinnie said about the offense.

– Kinnie said the team has come a long way and the losing to the Badgers brought them together. He also noted it inspired the team to work harder: “After the loss to Wisconsin, we knew we had to win out to get to the Big Ten Championship.”

– Rex Burkhead admitted he is sore today. When asked where he is the most sore, he said, “Definitely legs, that’s where you get hit a lot during the games.”

– “I love being out there. I love playing and competing with the guys,” Burkhead said about his team and playing with them.

– While Pelini spoke about not completely overhauling his mechanics, Martinez said, “I think I have one of the quickest releases in the nation – a lot of coaches have told me that.”

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