Press Conference Notes (Post-Minnesota)

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– Head coach Bo Pelini looked dialed in for the Monday press conference. When asked about his team’s momentum, he was quick to state, “What do you mean, momentum? I don’t buy into that.”

– “Our guys do understand what’s at stake,” Pelini said about this Saturday’s matchup against Michigan State.

– Pelini said that while Rex Burkhead is the main guy, it’s important to get others involved: “Sometimes it’s hard to get him to dial down in practice.”

– “He’s kind of overlooked nationally. He’ll have a long career ahead of him,” Pelini said about Burkhead’s future.

– Brandon Kinnie on the importance of this Saturday’s match-up with the Spartans: “All of them (the games) are (important). That’s the attitude we take.”

– Kinnie on Michigan State as a team: “It’s a physical group.”

– Kinnie was also asked about Burkhead, who said he is a great teammate. When asked what the greatest thing about Burkhead is, Kinnie said, “His name. He’s a perfect human being. Rex can do everything. He can literally do it all.”

– When Burkhead sat down for the press conference, he was immediately asked if Kinnie is his favorite teammate: “Absolutely. There is no one else like him.”

– “We’ve made some improvements but we have a lot of mistakes we need to fix,” Burkhead said about the Nebraska offense.

– “Oh boy,” Burkhead said on the ‘Sexy Rexy’ t-shirts, “I don’t think I can comment on that.”

– Burkhead on Kenny Bell: “He’s a huge impact.”

– Burkhead finished that press conference by saying one final piece about Bell, “Best looking afro in the country.”

– "If they (WR) would have held onto the ball, it would have been a good third quarter." – Taylor Martinez

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