Oregon’s Uniforms Are…Not Oregon’s

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Oregon’s Uniforms Are…Not Oregon’s

With all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth regarding what Adidas has been trotting out lately, other schools have been holding unveiling ceremonies of their own.

What do the Oregon Ducks, setters of today’s alternate uniform trend, have in store?

Something truly outrageous, no doubt. From sleek to downright garish, the Ducks have worn some awesome and abysmal combinations. Looking to 2012, the Quack Attack will be wearing…














Offensive lineman Kyle Long looks shocked and that’s appropriate because those uniforms are downright bland compared to what the Ducks have shown up wearing in years past.

Come on, Winged Warriors. You’ve got Phil Knight at your disposal. Step your game up.

(h/t: No 2-Minute Warning)

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