Prop 48 Part II, Dennard’s Seventh-Round Savior and Playoff Problems

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Prop 48 Part II, Dennard’s Seventh-Round Savior and Playoff Problems

Every week, the Husker Locker staff sits down after being presented a number of questions addressing various aspects of Nebraska Cornhuskers sports. With no prior knowledge of the other panelists’ answers, here are their thoughts:

This week:

How do you feel about the new academic redshirts?

Brian: I don’t mind some of these rules. What it should do is put pressure on the clearinghouse to provide an easier process for kids on the fence to get onto campus once they’ve received necessary grades.

I could see some of the schools who had a fit about them when Prop 48 and such were around (ahem, Texas) disapproving, but so be it. The clearer the guidelines are, the more I’m all for them.

Derek: Obviously, the NCAA is stepping up, and kudos to them for addressing some obvious loopholes.

Requiring 10 core course to be completed before a players senior prevent players who are taking half-time their senior year from just finding some cheap online course to fill in enough credits to get his required number of courses in.

Raising the GPA 0.3 seems reasonable given how much courses have been dumbed down in the last thirty years, and the idea of an academic redshirt makes sense.

Tom Osborne fought to have partial qualifiers in his program so that they could get a chance to succeed with the academic support an university can provide. The idea of an academic redshirt to preserves that spirit.

However, since it’s going to be four years until the standards take effect means that coaches, advisers and schools will have all the more time to find more loopholes. Granted, the NCAA can’t implement these standards this fall, not when it would take out 40 percent of players, but don’t think people are already figuring out how to beat the system.

The NCAA is going to need to tinker and adjust the plan as it moves toward implementation.

Brandon: The intentions behind it seem good. However, I’m somewhat concerned about the kids whose opportunities to play in college may be delayed, if not dashed, due to lack of preparation from the start.

That said, if universities can find some means of assisting high schools across the country, it’s a step in the right direction not only for student-athletes, but ordinary students.

Nebraska’s had their share of experience with Prop 48s, and personally I never saw an issue with it. As mentioned in the ESPN article, the Big 12 nixed partial qualifers, but what if the SEC, Big Ten and Pac-12 all give academic redshirts the green light? Suddenly you have a major shift in recruiting potential.

Bottom line: The concept’s good, but execution needs to be in place to carry such an idea out.

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