Prop 48 Part II, Dennard’s Seventh-Round Savior and Playoff Problems

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Prop 48 Part II, Dennard’s Seventh-Round Savior and Playoff Problems

Will Aaron Green’s departure have a major impact on the 2012 season?

Brian: YES. If anyone tells you differently, ask them if the season will be end well if Rex or Ameer tears their ACL.

The depth problem behind Rex and Ameer becomes worse than it was last year when Green should’ve been redshirted in the first place. At least Green knew the offense and had touches with the ones at times.

Granted, Mike Marrow is going to be the guy to save Rex wear and tear especially in goalline/short yardage situations, but running back is one of those positions where a thick depth chart can save your hide.

Imani Cross better have a playbook and will have to learn quickly.

Derek:  There are two big ways that Green’s departure hurts Nebraska.

First, in 2011, Nebraska put most of its major running back recruiting chips in the Aaron Green basket and now they walk away empty-handed. The Huskers will only sign so many blue-chip recruits per year. They need the ones signed to become great players.

Second, if Tim Beck’s going to run a no-huddle spread and have 80-plus offensive plays a game, he is going to need three or four healthy running backs. However, at 5’11” and less than 200 pounds, Green probably wasn’t going to give Nebraska more than 15-20 quality touches a game, a la Marlon Lucky.

That’s not to say that he couldn’t provide a lot of value to the Huskers’ offense in their multiple running back formations and as a mismatch in the passing game. With Green gone, Jamal Turner is once again going to have to become a wild card that helps Beck get favorable match-ups.

The most disappointing thing is that Green is gone, but oh how I wish 230-pound Dontrayevous Robinson would have stayed around.

Brandon: In terms of having bodies on the depth chart, yes. Nobody is going to pass Rex Burkhead this year unless it’s due to injury. That’s not to say his backups aren’t talented, but No. 22 can do it all and will be leaned on heavily this year to win games.

The curious thing is why Green waited around until after the recruiting cycle and spring ball ended to make this move. Regardless, if Imani Cross can step up and fill the void left by Green (and I expect him to), it becomes a non-issue.

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