Prop 48 Part II, Dennard’s Seventh-Round Savior and Playoff Problems

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Prop 48 Part II, Dennard’s Seventh-Round Savior and Playoff Problems

How would you like to see the 2014 post-season work with an added four-team playoff?

Brian: I wouldn’t mind seeing top two teams hosting the semi-finals, with the national championship game being the “Plus-One” game held around the country much like the BCSNCG is held a week after other BCS games.

If you add another bowl, the Cotton Bowl will be the choice since they can host 90,000 in a domed stadium and will bring in the money that the BCS covets. The only way the Cotton doesn’t get into the mix is if TV rights get in the way, but money seems to magically make sticking points go away in college football.

A six-team playoff is the better format, though. The top two seeds get a bye with the No. 1 seed facing the lowest remaining seed from the first two games.

No. 3 versus No. 6 and No. 4 versus No. 5 would be on-campus while the semi-finals and NCG would be on neutral ground. That would be fair, give the top two seeds a chance to rest and have teams that are able to play into the title game show they belong.

Derek: College football needs a playoff. I’m not a huge cheerleader for it, but the BCS has no credibility.

While there are number of models that could work, my preference would be to take the top four teams at the end of the regular season, play a tournament with two of the current BCS bowls acting as semi-finals every year on January 1, then have the winners play the week after.

This fits nicely into the current structure. The new system only involves two teams having an additional week of practice and playing one more game while mostly keeping the meaning of the regular season.

For example, Oklahoma State would have still had to have beaten Oklahoma during the the last week of the regular season to get into the playoff in 2011.

Brandon: I’d like to see it expanded to eight teams, but you’ve got to crawl before you can walk, right?

The real issue is with qualification. I understand that coaches can’t watch 40 games and do their jobs, but why even take the poll into account if that’s the case and it’s going to be part of such an important metric? The BCS needs to be re-worked, if not chucked out all together.

Until that key issue is addressed, nothing’s truly been “fixed.” Show me reformed qualification for the top spots, then we can talk progress.

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