Saluting Husker Veterans: Joseph Jonas

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Saluting Husker Veterans: Joseph Jonas

From California to Maine and across the world, Nebraska Cornhusker fans are a plentiful sight. We want to take the opportunity to give fans supporting the Big Red while fighting for the red, white and blue a special spotlight as we salute out Husker Veterans. Today, we take a look through the eyes of MP Joseph Jonas.

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HL: Tell us a little about yourself

JJ: I was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and I grew up just outside the town of Wahoo. I grew up farming until I graduated from Mead High School in 1996 and joined the Army. I have one brother, Chad and two sisters, Julie and Bekki.

I met my wife Kerry back in high school and we married on April 10, 1999. We have two of the best kids, Alexandrea (17) and Jalynn (10). Alexandrea just graduated High School and is pursuing a Teaching degree. Jalynn is about to enter junior high school.

HL:  How long have you served and what do you do as a member of the Armed Forces?

JJ: I have been in the Army for 16 years now, and my job is as a Military Police Officer. I have deployed four times in my career. My first deployment was to Bosnia back in 1996-1997. I later deployed to Cuba from 2002-2003, Iraq from 2009-2010 and have been deployed to Afghanistan since December 30, 2011.

HL: How long have you been a Husker fan?

JJ: I was born and raised a Husker fan. Everything I wear must say “Huskers” on it unless I’m in uniform, of course.

HL: Have you had the opportunity to attend a Nebraska home game and if so, which one(s)?

JJ: I have only been able to attend one home game in my life. It was thanks to my brother-in-law John. It was the Florida Atlantic game back in 2009. I was home on my two-week leave from Iraq and his father gave him their season tickets so I could attend a game. It was awesome. One of the top five experiences of my life.

HL: Do you display your Big Red fandom while you serve? If so, how?

JJ: I have always displayed Big Red fandom while I served. I have a Husker flag hanging above my desk as I answer these questions. I have a jersey that hangs in my room. Back at home station there is always a flag and calendar in my office showing all our wins.

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My front yard is all decked out in Husker rocks and signs, even though it is Kansas State Wildcat Country.

I actually wrote Bo (Pelini) an email when I first got here to see if he would sponsor our unit or anything like that, just send a flag, football, coffee mug or something. His assistant wrote me back and said they would send me a “Power of Red” banner, but never did. I wrote him a second email two months ago, but no response yet.

HL: What are the greatest lengths you ever went to so that you could catch a Husker game?

JJ: I would have to say the greatest lengths were probably when I planned my two weeks leave from Iraq and drove my family up to Lincoln to see the season-opening game.

HL: Have you met other Husker fans during your travels?

JJ: I actually have several over here in my unit and have met several over the last six months from other units. As people make their way through my office, you would be surprised how many are Husker fans.

HL: Do you have a message for the fans reading this?

JJ: I will see you guys at the National Championship Game this season. I will just be arriving back in the states and will be there with the Huskers. GO BIG RED!!!!


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