The Pining for a Playoff Edition Feat. New Intro

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The Pining for a Playoff Edition Feat. New Intro

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On the docket:

A podcast featuring questions and topics submitted by you, fans of the Big Red:

– With Su’a Cravens committing to Southern California, who does Nebraska go after next? – Travis Hawkinson

– Where will Braylon Heard end up and is his constant position shifting detrimental? – Matt Hanson

– How a proper top four should be determined for college football’s first four-team playoff –
Jeffrey Wilson (e-mail)

– If any player in the country could be added to the 2012 Huskers, who should it be? – Logan Johnson (e-mail) – Note: No participant chose a quarterback

Have a topic or question that you’d like to hear discussed? Send us an e-mail , post on our Facebook wall or tweet at us.

More info on the Husker Locker intro voice: Rob Kugler’s Profile

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